Mobile Food Vendor Checklist

This checklist provides an overview of the requirements set out by Article III of Chapter 14 of the Victoria City Code and the 2015 International Fire Code.

  1. "No Smoking" sign posted near the order window.
  2. Fire Extinguishers
  3. Commercial Kitchen Suppression system (inspected/tested semi-annually) or,
  4. A steel baffle (minimum 8 inches high) between fryers and surface flames of adjacent appliances, and
  5. A positive closing lid for any fryer.
  6. Name of the business on two sides of the vehicle.
  7. Main shut off valves for fuel gas (i.e. propane) on the exterior of the unit, accessible, and easily operated.
  8. Propane appliances meet requirements of UL, CSA, CGA, AGA, and/or ETL.
  9. Gas piping system has been tested in accordance with Texas Railroad Commission Rules.
  10. Electrical wiring in conduit and run in an approved manner (junction boxes, conduit, etc).

For additional information, please contact the Victoria Fire Marshal’s Office at 361-485-3460.