Development Services

The Development Services Department includes planning services, code enforcement, geographic information systems, building permitting and inspections, and development engineering functions for the City of Victoria. 

Through the application of appropriate procedures and codes, the department promotes the safety, livability, and economic vitality of the City of Victoria.

One-Stop Development Center

The department serves as a one-stop development center to better serve our customers and facilitate the development process. The Development Services Department combines into one agency those functions necessary to review, approve, and monitor development applications.

UDO Planning Commission Workshop/ Open House Invite Flyer

  1. Development & Permitting Center
  2. Planning Services
  3. Code Enforcement
  4. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  5. Victoria Metropolitan Planning Organization 

The Development Center is the customer service hub of the department. It manages all phases of the development review process, including the approval of subdivision plats and site plans and the issuance of building permits. 

The Development Center Staff is responsible for coordinating building plan reviews, issuing building permits, conducting building inspections, floodplain management and other engineering issues related to development.